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Tekno’s “Wayo”: A Love Ballad Battling Deception
Nigerian Afrobeat star Tekno dips his toes into the murky waters of modern love with his latest single, “Wayo.” The title itself, a Nigerian slang term for “deception” or “scam,” sets the stage for a song that explores the delicate dance between vulnerability and self-protection in relationships.

“Wayo” isn’t your typical heartbreak anthem. It’s a proactive defense against potential emotional manipulation. The infectious percussion and hypnotic synths create a soundscape that’s both alluring and guarded, mirroring the cautious optimism of the lyrics. Tekno’s vocals weave a tale of a man who’s been burned before. He acknowledges the complexities of love (“Love e no easy e,” he sings, meaning “Love isn’t easy”) and the need for self-preservation (“Na why I dey on my guard,” which translates to “That’s why I’m on my guard”).

But here’s the twist: Tekno isn’t completely jaded. He yearns for genuine connection. The chorus becomes his mantra: “I no come do wayo” (“I ain’t here to deceive”). It’s a plea to his lover, a promise of sincerity amidst a world rife with emotional trickery.

The song transcends a simple back-and-forth. Tekno delves into the deeper anxieties that plague modern relationships. Lines like “Do you really believe in this thing they call love / Or you just dey whine” (“Do you truly believe in love / Or are you just playing games?”) expose the fear of being used. He pleads for open communication (“Please talk to me”), highlighting the importance of honesty and understanding.

“Wayo” is more than just a song; it’s a conversation starter. It compels listeners to confront their own vulnerabilities and desires within the realm of love. With its infectious groove and thought-provoking lyrics, Tekno’s “Wayo” is a must-listen for anyone who’s ever navigated the complexities of the human heart.

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Download Tekno – Wayo Mp3

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